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Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

Dr. Heidi Q.T. Pham-Murphy believes that we have “Two eyes to last a lifetime!”  We all need to love our eyes by caring for them! Her passion is to make positive impacts in the lives of those she interacts with by sharing her knowledge and developing solutions and answers to the needs of those under her care!

Dr. Pham-Murphy has been working in the eye care industry for over 28. years.  Dr. Pham-Murphy has given expert advice on the impacts of blue light on eyes – especially children’s eyes through multiple media channels.  In 2011, she had her first interview with local TV stations – Fox 40  to discuss the impacts of blue light from digital devices.  Since then she has appeared on Fox 12 in the bay area, served as an expert panelist for the Lighting Engineers Society as well as completed 11 radio interviews throughout the country on the topic.  

Dr. Pham-Murphy has also interviewed for a variety of magazines: First for Women, Woman’s World, Eyecare Business, Vision Monday, 20/20 Magazine on topics related to eye health and vision performance.  She has also had television news (Channel 3, and 10) appearance to discuss topics such as lash extensions, eye allergies and dry eye disease.

Dr. Pham-Murphy’s Vision Optometry practice has been recognized by the Women in Optometry magazine for her office designs and her office has been featured on ABC Channel 10 during the segment on “Oscars and Eyewear” in 2017.  Dr. Pham-Murphy is a speaker for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.  She has participated in the launch of new technologies in contact lenses as well as studies on genetic impacts on macular degeneration. 

In 2017, Dr. Pham-Murphy was recognized by Vision Monday as one of the “Most Influential Women” in Optometry.  At the end of the day, success is the ability to influence those around us - to move them to do something better for themselves and their loved ones.

Educating patients, advocacy and serving others with her knowledge and compassion is the main characteristic that defines Dr. Pham-Murphy.  She serves as the Clinic Director for the Special Olympics Opening Eyes in Northern California and Nevada.  This program provides free eye care and eyewear to the athletes of the Special Olympics.  Her passion for people, her desire to challenge herself in learning new ideas and inspire those around her to do better for themselves and others.