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What You Need to Know About Cataracts

As the weather finally starts to feel like summer and the sun is out, we are reminded that June is cataract awareness month!

Cataract is the clouding of the lens inside our eyes that overtime can impact the quality of our vision, creating a glare and halos at night as a result of the diffraction of light that enters your eye. In time, cataracts affect our overall vision. It is the cause of 1/3 of the cases of blindness throughout the world.

This eye condition affects about 20.5 million Americans in the U.S. There are great surgical options for patients who have vision impairing cataracts.

As with all diseases, prevention is the BEST way to approach cataracts. Although cataract formation is considered an aging change, there are things we can do to slow the progression and protect our vision!

Here are some tips from our team of doctors:

  • Protect your eyes from UV and high energy visible light (blue light). Wear a QUALITY pair of sunglasses or lenses with UV protection when you are outdoors! Talk to one of our trained optical team members on getting the right pair at your next visit!

  • Eat a phytonutrient rich diet. "PHYTO" nutrients can help us "FIGHT" off the oxidation that is the process in which cataracts are formed! These nutrients are found in green leafy vegetables and fruits. If you aren't eating enough - take a quality supplement that has them. We can help you with this during your visit with one of our doctors!

  • Stop smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes and e-cigarettes or vapes are linked to oxidative stress within the body, which enhances cataract formation.

  • Take good care of your systemic health. Diabetes is one health issue that can speed up cataract formation. Taking care of your health gives you the BEST opportunity for lifelong healthy vision!

  • Schedule your annual eye health exams. Our team is here to care for your VISION FOR LIFE!

Looking into the Future of Cataract Care:

Cataract formation is an oxidation process in our eyes – a process in which unwanted bonds are formed in the human lens, causing it to lose its clarity and elasticity. That’s why the ANTIOXIDANTS that we eat may help to slow down cataract formation! There is also active research into medications in the form of eyedrops to either prevent or break up these bonds.

Our mission is to be leaders in the eyecare field and to keep you updated on the latest technologies in eyecare – so follow us and ask questions! We are here to care for you.

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