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September, Healthy Aging Month: This Week We Are Going to Discuss Cataract Eye Disease!

This week we are going to discuss Cataract Eye Disease!

Cataracts generally are not something you can generally see from the outside!  Many people mistakenly believe that is a a growth on the surface of the eye.

Cataracts are formed as the lens - located inside the eye gets more opaque, cloudy and yellow.  The impacts of cataracts are decreased visual quality, night vision glare, color distortion (since the cataracts are yellow/brownish in color).

While cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness in the world and it affects more than 22 million Americans, this disease when treated with cataract surgery has a 95% success rate!

Here are the risk factors of cataract eye disease:

Systemic health conditions and medication side effects: including diabetes and steroid use.

Exposure to UV radiation.


Age :(

Here is how we make our IMPACT!

Stop smoking

Eat a diet rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin (collard greens, green leafy veggies and orange bell peppers)

Wear quality sunglasses when outdoors.

Take care of your diabetes

Get your ANNUAL eye exam - early detection is key to prevention and treatment!

What's in the forefront of research in cataract eye disease?

As of now, the only available treatment for cataract is surgery.  There is research in eyedrops that may reverse the progression of cataracts.  Cataract formation is a result of oxidative stress.. Proteins in the lenses change structure in the process of cataract formation and there are studies with a compound known as N-acetylecarnosine (NAC) to see if this in the droplet form can penetrate the eye and have anti-oxidant activity that will reverse cataracts.  This is early on in the research process at this time.

In this case prevention and protection is the key to delaying cataract formation.. Remember that this is from a lifetime of exposure!  Let's protect young and old with healthy lifestyles, diets and sunglasses!

Thank you for reading!  Please send us comments if you find this information helpful, if you have questions or if you have suggestions! Remember...  "Two eyes to last a lifetime!" Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy  Love your eyes by caring for them! Wishing you healthy eating and healthy eyes!

Thank you for entrusting us with all your eyecare needs! We are here to take care of your #VisionforLife !


Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

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