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Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Blue light is all around us.  It comes from the sun, LED and fluorescent lights that light up or homes, schools, stores and workplaces.  All of those light have impact on us.  However the one that most of us sit and stare at the most are electronic devices! Blue light is high energy and have three major impacts on our eyes and health!  

Short wavelength blues (400 - 420 nanometer wavelengths) are the waves that contribute to eye fatigue and in some patients headaches and even migraines. The wavelengths of 430 - 450 nm stresses the retinal cells. Wavelengths that are peak at around 435nm are those that causes the highest amounts of retinal oxidation and damage to the retinal cells.   Wavelengths of about 450 - 480 nm impact melatonin secreations - i.e. supresses the secretion of melantonin and affects our sleep cycles.  Affecting sleep have impacts anywhere from blood sugar control to attention and focus to possibly cancer cell growth.

The evidence is mounting that BLUE LIGHT - too much of it or exposure at the wrong time of day - is harmful to our eyes an health! What can we do?  Well, we can't live in the dark or the "dark ages" - i.e. we can be completely off of devices...  It's how we work, learn and even socialize and entertain ourselves. At Eye Designs Optometry - our doctors are considered experts in the field of blue light!  My wife, Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy has shared her knowledge of blue light impacts and how to protect our eyes through many radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews over the last 7 years.  You can find her interviews on web searches.. The her message over the years is consistent...  EVERYTHING in moderation and at the right time!  Know how to protect your eyes from the unwanted side effects of our DIGITAL LIFE!  We would like to share these EYE GEMS with you!  Please feel free to share them with your loved ones! Thank you for reading!  Don't forget to schedule your annual eye health exam and truly thank you for supporting our family practice!  

We are here to care for your VISION FOR LIFE!


Dr. Heidi Pham Murphy

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