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As we step into the season of thanks, I wanted to take a few moments to express my deepest appreciation for everyone around me.  I am eternally grateful to my family for their constant support and love.  To my staff and team for believing in my values and executing them each and everyday.  And truly thank you to you, our patients - for entrusting us with your care.

Our mission is to care for your Vision for Life!  We believe that we are stewards of your eye health and vision performance.  With that, we continue to learn, expand our knowledge and bring the latest technology into tangible products, services and advice to insure that you have your BEST vision and BEST life experiences through your eyes!

November is Diabetes Awareness month and we will continue to be focused on this disease that threatens over 50 percent of Americans.  The numbers keep on growing and we want to be proactive in helping our patients understand the disease and look at the prevention of vision loss.

Here are a couple of forms of diabetes

Diabetes Type 1: here your body does not produce insulin.  This affects about 1.25 million Americans and about 400,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year.
Diabetes Type 2: your body does not use insulin properly.  This is the most common form of diabetes and affects more than 30 million Americans according to the CDC.  Another 1.2 million are diagnosed each year.
Gestational Diabetes: this form of diabetes occurs when you are pregnant.  It does not mean that you will develop diabetes in the future, however 50% of women who have gestational diabetes will develop diabetes.
Prediabetes: Your blood sugars are running higher than normal but not high enough to have the diagnosis of diabetes.  Prediabetes affects 84.1 million people.

At all the different levels of the disease, we can make lifestyle and food changes to IMPACT the risk of the disease.  Being proactive is absolutely key in making sure that you have the VERY BEST possible outcome!

Diabetes is the number ONE cause of vision loss in the U.S.  80% of vision loss is preventable!  We urge that you and your family be proactive in your health and eyecare!  We are her to help you, care for you and advocate for you.

Make sure you schedule your annual health check up - including your annual eye health exam.  Not all patients are the same, not all doctors are the same and not all exams are the same.

Next year will be my 20th year of "eye doctoring" and I feel more passionate than ever at filtering through all the new knowledge, technology to create tangible ways in which I can improve the lives of my patients and those under my care.

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