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Happy September, National Healthy Aging Month!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Happy September!

It is National Healthy Aging Month!  As we step into a season of changes, we are reminded of our our body and eyes change with time.  Maintaining healthy eyes is critical to our enjoyment and performance each day of our lives.

We have discussed over last week the impacts of blue light on our eyes.  The recent studies show the direct link between blue light and photoreceptor damage - for the first time linking blue light directly to vision loss as we age!

When this information was released - we feel very compelled to continue to deliver message of blue light protection - even more directly than we have over the last 7 years.

The other major side effect of our digital life is DRY EYE DISEASE.   What we find in caring for patients is that most of us live with this condition, put band aids on it (by using drops) or accept it as a normal part of our lives!

It does not have to be this way!  Dry eye symptoms are many: burning, stinging, achy eyes, tired eyes, vision that goes in and out of focus, itchy eyes, and even watery eyes!  

We have new technologies that allow us to better evaluate your eyes by imaging the glands that are 86% of the time responsible for dry eyes.  Our goal in treatment is to preserve these meibomian glands as once they are loss, they generally do not come back.

We have the gold standard treatment- Lipiflow (R) - available to treat your dry eyes.

Having Dry Eye Disease often makes us look and feel aged and tired.  While there is no cure for dry eye disease, treatment has come a long way!  Treating your dry eyes can often change how you perform, look and feel!

For the entire month of September - we are offering dry eye treatment package discounts!  Time to get your eyes seeing, feeling and looking better!

Thank you for allowing us to care for your Vision for Life!


Thanks for reading!  We will SEE you soon!


Dr. Heidi Pham Murphy

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