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Get Ready for Back to School with Us! Back to School Promotions!

As we eye doctors who care for the rush of children coming in this time of year for back to school eye exams, we often are reminded of the importance of a comprehensive exam for children each year. 

We've seen children who would have had potential for better performance in school much earlier if their condition was diagnosed and corrected for often in our clinics.

There is more to the eyes than just "seeing".  Screenings at the pediatricians office can pick up certain visual conditions such as nearsightedness (can't see far) and eye turns. 

Covering one eye at a time while looking at a chart with letters 10 feet away is, however a screening test - not a comprehensive exam!

Conditions such as farsightedness, poor focusing abilities and eye teaming problems are often undiagnosed in a screening. 

These children may struggle with learning, not develop the love for reading, have difficulties paying attention or struggle in other areas of learning, social or athletic functions.

Vision development is NOT automatic!  It develops in our formative years!  With early detection of vision problems, we can impact a child's vision performance!  For school aged children, the AOA recommends annual exams starting before the 1st grade an each year thereafter! 80% of learning is done through the eyes!  Please make sure that you make a comprehensive eye exam a part of your back to school list of things to do!


Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

P.S. In honor of BACK TO SCHOOL season, our practices have put together some great "childhood proof" packages.  

Barring the loss of the glasses - we have THE BEST PACKAGE that can withstand the roughness of our children's play with AMAZING warranties! 

There are packages for Blue Light Protection as well as that fit all budgetary needs! Stop by any of our offices today! PLEASE SEE THE COUPON, BELOW, FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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