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Dr. Murphy's 40th Anniversary!

Celebrating 40 Years!

Times have changed, values remain.

It was 40 years ago that I became an Optometrist.  Graduating from UC Berkeley - what a great experience in college; I was a graduate student, a young father, as well as an athlete competing in track and field at UCB in the 1970's.  

In 1978, I opened my first private practice in the Sacramento and Roseville area with one core value and philosophy: deliver the highest quality of care with the best technology and utilize the best products to serve my patients needs.

Eye care has gone a long way in  40 years - to match up with the demands of modern day eyes and lifestyles.  We have gone from 3 x 5 inch patient charts to cloud based electronic health records!  Lens technology have caught up to the modern age - the best lenses are now DIGITALLY designed!

One thing does remain tried and true throughout my entire journey of caring for you, my values remain the same!  My team of doctors and I challenge ourselves each day in the field of Optometry to insure that we are the BEST!  Delivering the best knowledge and products to our patients.

Eight years ago, we really challenged ourselves to discussed blue light and the impacts of our digital lives with our patients... We worked at delivering tangible solutions to help protect our patients' eyes and decrease the side effects of blue light.  

Those ideas and concepts were foreign to most at the time - many patients questioned and doubted our beliefs.  Now just in August of this year, scientists discovered the biochemical pathway that links blue light to blindness.  There are even studies that link blue light to other physical and mental health issues.

Lately if you have been in for your eye exam, we continue to deliver real solutions on how to protect our eyes and those of our loved ones from blue light.  We are also discussing Dry Eye Disease - which is the second major side effect of our digital lives.  This disease is prevalent in over 50% of our patients and we are discussing real solutions to protect our eyes and maximize our visual performance!

We only have two eyes to last a lifetime!  

I continue on my mission to provide the highest level of care to you, and I am continually inspired by new solutions and concepts that best serves my patients.

Many of my patients have been with me for years - some even since the day I started practicing 40 years ago.

Thank you for entrusting me with your care, and thank you for reading!


Dr. Thomas Murphy

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