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Blue Light Can Cause Blindness

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Digital devices are a major part of many of our lives.  Some studies show that by time our children reach the age of 17 - he or she would have spent a total of 9 years on electronic devices.  Us as adults aren't any different.  

Blue light is short wavelength light that comes from the sun, the fluorescent and LED lights that light up our homes and televisions, AND really from digital devices!  These devices we hold at short distances - and our eyes are WIDE open to receive all this light.

Our team of doctors including myself have been passionately discussing with each patient new patients and reminding every person who returns to us - the importance of protecting our eyes from the possible consequences of blue light.  Consequences include eye fatigue, sleep pattern disruptions and stress to the retinal cells that may lead to macular degeneration as we get older.

But HOLY TOLEDO!  The study that just came out of the University of Toledo shows the biochemical pathway in which BLUE LIGHT causes BLINDNESS!  You can read the full article in the link:

Our mission to protect our patients - young and old become much more vital!  If you had not had a chance to hear and understand the impacts of our digital life, please schedule your appointment to have a visit with one of our doctors today to hear, ask and understand this extremely important risk to our vision.

I am Dr. Thomas Murphy - owner and optometrist for the past 40 years.  I practice with my wife, Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy who has been practicing for 18 years.  

Our entire team of doctors and staff and I are here to care for your vision now and for the rest of your life.  

Thank you for reading!  And truly - thank you for letting us care for your Vision for Life!


Dr. Heidi Pham Murphy

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