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About Visions Optometry

     Visions Optometry has a rich history in the Sacramento area.  This high end family practice is nestled in the heart of the Arden Park area on Fair Oaks Boulevard.  This well-established practice was first opened in the 1980’s within the Pavilions Shopping center. It was relocated in the late 1990’s in a move to expand the space for the growing practice.  

     In 2009, Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy, who would be the third owner of this established practice, expanded the scope of the practice.  She remodeled the practice to facilitate the expansion of services. The practice now carries unique and often exclusive collections of eyewear with a high end, spa like feel.  Patients travel from near and far to seek the unique eyewear, high quality and specialty services provided by the practice.

     The practice includes several subspecialty clinics beyond routine eyecare and eyewear.  The Specialty Contact Lens Clinic cares for patients with keratoconus, post corneal surgeries that have poor surgical outcomes, children and infants with cataracts and difficult to fit eyes.  This is a unique and highly technical service in the Sacramento area. Beyond its established patient base, the clinic also gets referrals from UC Davis Ophthalmology Clinic as well as the Sacramento Eye Consultants (a medical group of eye surgeons).  

     The Eye Disease Management Clinic focuses on patients who have diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, amblyopia, brain trauma, drug toxicities from systemic medical treatment and system diseases such as multiple sclerosis that effects the visual system.  This clinic houses advanced equipment that is cutting edge and unique to the Sacramento area. Equipment such as the Diopsis VEP/pERG is able to detect diseases 9 years in advance of all other technologies in the market. Through early detection, we can treat and minimize the visual impacts of vision threatening conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.   

     The Dry Eye Clinic which opened up in 2016 addresses dry eyes which impacts the quality of life of over 60% of the population.  With increase of digital devices, work demands and environmental factors, the number of patients who are impacted continues to grow.  The treatment procedures in this clinic has positively impacted the lives of many!

Beyond the high level of clinic performance and dedication to patient care, Visions Optometry has also focuses on creating a great experience for all those who enter.  Visions Optometry was recognized for its beautiful ambiance and space in the Women in Optometry – a nationwide industry magazine.  The practice and well as their expert staff have also been featured on ABC Chanel 10 during the Oscars in 2017.

     What truly matters in our practice is the culture of the practice and the philosophy of the practice.  Visions Optometry is constantly researching, learning and transforming new knowledge into great patient care and processes.  Taking a true team approach to patient care is key – and this includes our patient on the team! Visions Optometry is passionate about helping our patients experience the most out of life through maximized visual performance.  Visions uses and invests in state of the art examination and treatment technologies, high performance lenses, personal styling, unique eyewear collections, and expertly trained team to care for our patient’s vision for life!

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